Hello Folks, how are you?

We love photography, films, culture, gastronomy and create travel content! However traveling by bicycle requires a lot of planning, the routine of pedaling for hours on the bicycle makes this job quite hard. In the last weeks, we have been facing the dilemma of keep trying to create content or leave everything behind and enjoy better the trip?!?!?!

Because of that, we decided to create a continued crowdfunding campaign to have the motivation on keep creating content and expand this material to you, if this is well succeeded will start to have podcasts, a vlog, a WhatsApp group to contact us directly.

The money of this campaign will not be used to make our travel more comfortable, especially because we have another kind of work that once in a while generates some income to our project. However, we will dedicate ourselves exclusively to the creation of our travel content, filmmaking, Vlog creation and etc…

Pledging our project gives you few rewards, a straight line between us and exclusive access to some of the content we start to create.