The Bicycle World Tour

“Life is a Breath” – so that be it on a bicycle (Oscar Niemeyer)

Who are We

Who are We

Felippe Santana – Arquiteto, Fotógrafo e Filmaker sempre sonhou em viajar o mundo de bicicleta.

Mariana Correa – Turismóloga nunca imaginou uma viagem de bicicleta mas provou que vai longe em cima de uma.

Muito Prazer


The itinerary is just an idea, the real plan is not having a plan, we will be travelling by the turtle speed, enjoying every moment and opportunity that happen, it will be what it will. Between the visa limits, countries, imaginary borders lines we will be staying and living.

The Carmem Miranda, The Ratatouille e Equipments

Which Bicycle? What we are taking? How we will cook? How we will sleep? How we will communicate? these and other questions you can find in our equipment panniers.

In the luggage


Photography and Filmmaking is our base and is what will keep us on the road. You can contribute to our project purchasing any of our photography, calendars or future books. Follow us and keep tuned on our future products.


Friends & Partners

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